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Minutes from Governors’ meetings:

LGB meeting 4th July 2018

Information about our Governors:

We hope you enjoy reading about each of our Governors.  Unless stated otherwise, governors have not declared any business or pecuniary interests nor are they members of any other governing body.  Attendance data is given for the academic year 2018/19.

Our Governing Body consists of: 4 Foundation Governors (with links to the Church), 4 Community Governors, 2 Parent Governors and 2 Staff Governors (of which the Headteacher is always one).

Katie Screaton (Executive Headteacher)

As Executive Headteacher of St Christopher’s, Ms Screaton is automatically a governor.

Ms Screaton provides regular written reports to governors and attends meetings to provide both verbal reports and answer governor questions. She is a member of both committees.

Ms Screaton has been the Executive Headteacher of St Christopher’s since November 2020.

FGB attendance – 100%                                  Committee attendance – 100%  

Jordan Tanner – Chair of Governors

Jordan is a parent governor. He is a parent of two children in our school, one in Year 3 and one in our nursery. Jordan attends Performance and Standards committee meetings.

Appointed: October 2019; term of Office ends October 2022

FGB attendance:75%                                         Committee attendance: 100%

Mary Bayliss

Mary is a Foundation Governor with strong links to the local Cowley Parish, as her husband is the local rector. Mary is on the Performance and Standards committee and oversees SEN provision in the school.

Mary is a qualified teacher. She trained as a secondary teacher in Geography and Maths and then taught in Norfolk in the 1980s. Once her daughters started school, she became a parent helper, governor, Learning Support Assistant and then a teacher in their primary school. Alongside this, she has run 4 different Rainbow units and various church groups in the 4 different locations her husband Geoff and she have been called to.

Foundation Governor elected 1st September 2016; term of Office ends 1st September 2020.

FGB Attendance – 100%                                    Committee attendance  100%

Rev. Geoff Bayliss

Rev. Geoff is a Foundation Governor. He is currently the team rector of the Cowley Parish and has plenty of experience of being a school governor. Rev. Geoff regularly leads worship in our school on alternate Monday mornings. He is a member of the Finance and Premises committee. Rev. Geoff is married to Mary Bayliss, Foundation Governor.

Appointed December 2017; term of Office ends December 2021.

FGB attendance – 67%                                     Committee attendance – 100%

Joseph Sellers

Joseph is a community Governor. He runs his own business locally and has a strong interest in education as he is married to a primary teacher! Joseph is Chair of the Finance and Premises committee.

Appointed 1st March 2017; term of Office ends 1st March 2021

FGB attendance – 100%                                   Committee attendance – 67%

Jane Jerrard

Jane is a Foundation Governor. As a retired primary headteacher she has a good understanding of education, particularly in multi-cultural and inner-city schools. Jane is Chair of the Performance and Standards committee.

Appointed 4th Jan 2018; term of Office ends January 2022

FGB attendance:  100%                                    Committee attendance:80%

Jane Bishop

Jane is a community Governor. She works for the NHS and is also a parent with a daughter in Year 5, and her son also previously attended St Christopher’s. Jane attends Finance and Premises committee meetings.

Skills Governor appointed 1st March 2017; term of Office ends 1st March 2021

FGB attendance:  83%                                        Committee attendance:67%

Tahira Ahmed

Tahira is a Parent Governor. She currently works as the PA to the CEO of an Academy Trust. She has a daughter in Year 3 and she was elected in October 2018. Tahira is a member of the Finance and Premises committee.

Appointed: October 2018; term of Office ends: October 2022

FGB attendance: 50%                                        Committee attendance:50%

Staff Governor: Helen Norman

Helen is a Year 2 teacher at St Christopher’s. She has been Staff Governor since December 2017. She is a member of the Performance and Standards Committee.

FGB attendance:83%                                   Committee attendance:60%

Governors who have been in post during the past twelve months:

Sheenagh Broadbent

Sheenagh was the Head teacher from Sept 2014 – 2020. Sheenagh joined our Governing Body in Sept    2014 as a Staff Governor and she was a member of all committee’s

Appointed:  Sept  2014; Resigned: October 2020

FGB attendance: 100%

Committee attendance: 93%

Harry Strachan

Harry is a member of staff on the pastoral team at another local primary school. He joined our Governing Body in October 2018 as a Foundation Governor and he has joined the Finance and Premises committee.

Appointed: 3rd October 2018; Resigned: Summer 2020

FGB attendance: 83%                                          Committee attendance:50%

Juliet Bligh

Juliet joined the Governing Body in 2019 as a community governor. Juliet is a member of the Finance and Premises committee.

Appointed: May 2019; Resigned: Summer 2020

FGB attendance:100%

Esaivani Reddy

Esai is a community governor. She joined the Governing Body at the start of 2018/19. Esai is a former parent of our school, and she works in education at a local secondary school. Esai is a member of the Performance and Standards committee.

Appointed: 3rd October 2018; Resigned: October 2020

FGB attendance:80%                                          Committee attendance:40%