Art at St Christopher’s


Curriculum Intent

At St Christopher’s we aim to expose pupils to a broad, imaginative and creative art curriculum. Pupils experience art through many different media and develop skills from nursery through to year 6. Pupils are encouraged to find their own style, while exploring the artwork of artist such as painters, sculptors and street artist both current and from the past. Art is taught both as a cross curricular subject and through skills-based learning. Pupils learn to develop their individuality as artists and to appreciate the skills of others by critical analysis.



As outlined in the National Curriculum, we aim to ensure that all pupils create, explore and record their ideas. That they work towards proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture, craft and design techniques. Pupils will develop the ability to be critically analytical of artwork and to use the language of art and design in their analysis. Pupils will learn how art has evolved through history and about the artists from the past who have created and shaped contemporary art and design.

Mark making and modelling are some of the first ways that pupils learn to express themselves in nursery where they have access to a range of drawing, painting, printing and model making materials. As pupils move into reception, pupils will have more control and direction over their art and design. Colour mixing, pencil and brush techniques are honed in years one and two where pupils are taught about colour, pattern, texture, line, shape form and space.

In Key-stage 1, they will also make observations of artists and craft makers, describing the similarities and differences in the artists’ work and making comparisons with their own work.

In Key Stage 2, pupils will be taught to control and develop their techniques, experimenting with their own creativity, and developing an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design. In Key Stage 2, pupils will create sketch books to record their observations and to develop a design or to revisit for future work. Pupils will improve their skills, aiming for mastery in design technique, drawing, painting and sculpture, while using a wide range of materials. Pupils in Key Stage two will learn, in more detail, the history of great artists, architects and designers from history.


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