School Council

At St Christopher’s School we have a school council made up of representatives
from every class from year one to year six; these were elected by the classes

Year 6 president – Rea

Year 6 vice president – Alex

Year 5 – Maryam & Medi

Year 4 – Nicolas & Shakur

Year 3 – Ameya & Levi

Year 2 – Eagan & Marley

Year 1 – Petros & Amarley

The school council meet on a fortnightly basis. We take ideas back to our
classes to discuss them with the class and where needed get votes from them.
The first of these was to decide on our new houses; we thought of ideas and our
classes voted on their favourite. As a school we chose elements – fire, earth,
air, and water. We also discuss house events which can happen across the school
so that everyone gets to work with other people from their houses in different
year groups.

At the moment, we are working on an eco-school project which involves
discussing ways we can make our school eco-friendlier such as by turning off
lights when they aren’t being used and encouraging everyone to recycle. We are
hoping to plant some wildflowers in the courtyard as this will encourage wildlife
such as bees and butterflies.

We enjoy meeting to discuss things about our school so that we can all live life
in all it’s fullness.