Admissions to Nursery

We offer 15 hours and 30 hours in our Nursery setting with various options to choose from.

  1. 15 hours mornings only from 3 years old (£5 an hour)
  2. 30 hours (08.45-15.00) from 3 years old (£5 an hour)
  3. 15 hours mornings only (entitled the term after their 3rd birthday)
  4. 30 hours (term after their 3rd birthday if parents are eligible)
  5. 30 hours term after their 3rd birthday (15 hours entitled and 15 hours paid at £5 an hour)

We follow the Local Authority Admissions Guidelines, when there are more applications than available places (this information can be obtained from the school office).

It will be expected that your child will attend Nursery everyday unless they are ill or there are exceptional circumstances. If your child does not attend for 4 weeks their place will be offered to another child.

If you are paying for nursery hours, fees will still apply even if your child does not attend (term time only). Parents will be invoiced half termly.


Admissions to Full-Time School

Children start full-time school in the year in which they are five, but a separate application must be made to Oxfordshire County Council’s Admission Department for a place in a Reception (F1) Class.

Please do not worry about this procedure as all parents and carers do receive information from OCC. Our administrative team is available to help, and they also make sure that every parent and carer has submitted an application.


Further Information

Priority is given to children who are living in the catchment area (see below), then places (if available) are offered to children with siblings already in school and then to children from the wider area.

Any parent or carer applying for a place for other year groups (1 to 6) should apply direct to the school, as we currently manage our own admissions.

We welcome all children into our school regardless of disabilities and our school is adapted for any children with mobility needs.

If any parent or carer would like a place in our very friendly school, we would warmly invite you to make an appointment to visit with your child.


Admissions Policies & Procedures